Carsten Ingemann was born in  the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen  in  1952. Educated  as a photographer  in 1973. Between 1973 and 2008 he worked as an editorial photoreporter, specialized in  covering  war and conflicts around the globe.

Since 2008 he changes his focus and began as a  visual artist, the latest years representet by the Copenhagen based ArtGallery "IN THE GALLERY"

"Edge of Darkness”

The work of Carsten Ingemann revolves thematically around darkness and on the state of mind it evokes in us. In a series of new photographs Ingemann invites us on a journey to the edge of civilization – out where our regular perceptions of the world cease and where we must give in to the unknown, uneasy and potentially dangerous.

In Edge of Darkness Ingemann uses his camera as an extention of his own senses. Whether he is travelling through the American backland of Death Valley or finds himself in well known locations he points his camera towards the all consuming darkness of his surroundings. By using extreme long exposures the photos reveal what can not be seen with the naked eye.

What the photographs offers the viewer is a unique glimpse into an alternative dimension established by the tranquility and silence of the night - into a world of both peace and anxiety where hidden creatures of the night might be lurking under the infinite starry sky.


2021     Winther Light at "IN The Gallery" Copenhagen

2020      "Winther Light" at "IN The Gallery" Copenhagen

2019     "The Europeans" at Sostrup slot (castle) 18-22 april

2018 - 2019      "Winter light" Group exhbition

               In The Gallery, Copenhagen4/12 - 6/1

2018       "Award winners"   Group Exhibition 6/8 - 1/10

In the gallery , Copenhagen

2018       "Edge of Darkness" Photodays in Viborg/Denmark  May/June

2018      "Disclocure" Artelli Gallery 17/3-5/5


            Artelli gallery Antwerpen  2 march to 9 of april 2017


2017    PHOTOFAIRS San Fransisco 26-28 january


2016  Fotofever Paris 11-13 november Le Carroussel du Louvre

2016  SCOPE ART SHOW Basel June 14-19





2016  januar/februar "The EUROPEANS" VIA University Horsens Denmark
2016 SCOPE ART SHOW  New York 3-6 march 
2015 SCOPE ART SHOW Miami  Beach 2-6 december
2015 - 2016 Soloshow  8  November medio Januar "Edge of Darkness" In The Gallery  Dr.Tværgade 19 Copenhagen
2015 FotoFever 12-15 november Le Caroussel de Louvre, Paris
2015 Photoshanghai 11-13 September
2015 Art Copenhagen 18-20 September
2015 "Søbygaard" Ærø Kunstmuseum "Uden for myldretid" "Jehnzeit der hektik" "Beyond the rush" until 2 august 2015
2015 ParisPhoto LA Los Angeles "Darkness" 1-3 May 2015
2015 MIA Milan Image fair  "Darkness# 11-13 april 2015
2015 PhotoLA Los Angeles "Darkness" 15-18 jnnuar 2015
2015 Rundetårn Copenhagen "Uden for myldretid" "Jehnzeit der hektik" "Beyond the rush" until 11 of januar
2014 Rundetårn Copenhagen "Uden for myldretid" "Jehnzeit der hektik" Beyond the rush"   22 november - 11 januar 2015
2014 INTHEGALLERY solo exhibition "DARKNESS"  8 october - 8 november
2014 Fotofever in Paris, Caroussel le Louvre 14 -16 november
2014 Photoshanghai 4-7 september
2014 Copenhagen Photo Collect 27/8 -1/9 Museumsbygningen  CPH
2014 "Europæerne" "the Europeans" at GRUNDTVIGS HØJSKOLE/Hillerød DK
2014 "Europæerne" "the Europeans" at photodays in Viborg Denmark
2014 "Europæerne"  "the Europeans" at Copenhagen Photo festival
2014 "Uden for myldretid" "Jehnzeit der Hektik" "Beyond the Rush at/på Fuglsang Kunstmuseum/Fuglsang Art Museum/Denmark
2013 "Uden for myldretid" "Jenzeit der Hektik" Beyond the Rush" at/på Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum,  Vendsyssel Art Museum, Hjørring/Denmark
2013 "Uden for myldretid" "Jenzeit der Hektik" Beyond the Rush" at/på Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Sønderjyllands  Art Museum, Tønder/Denmark
2013 "Uden for myldretid"" Jenzeit der Hektik" Beyond the Rush" at/på Bornholms Kunstmuseum/ Bornholms Art Museum, Denmark.
2013 "Europæerne" Galleri Fjaltring/Denmark
2007 Gallery Pablo's Birthday New York "Human Endeavor"

Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark

1997 University of Linz, Austria "No Mans Land"
1997 Det Danske Kulturinstitut i Wien, Østrig / The Danish Culturel Institute Vienna, Austria "No Mans Land"
1997 Photofestival in Spilembergo in Italy "No Mans Land"
1997 The public libary in Horsens "No Mans Land"
1997 Galleri Image Aarhus, Denmark" Ingemannsland"
1997 Billedhuset Copenhagen, Denmark "Ingemannsland"





"Citater "- og hvad de siger os"


"A collection of stamps"   european  Capital of culture 2017 / POST NORD


"Åh..Aarhus" Carsten Ingemann & Stig Olesen, GAD's forlag/Publishinghouse

2014 "Den store mågekrig" of Carsten Ingemann and Stig Olesen,  ZETLAND
2013 "Uden for myldretid" of Carsten Ingemann
2012 "12 Halve"  af  Carsten Ingemann og Stig Olesen,  Hovedland
2010 'Europæerne' af Per Nyholm & Carsten Ingemann, Shortlisted to" Le Prix Livre Europeenne 2010" 2011 Linhardt og Ringhoff
2005 'En rejse i danske Erindring'  af  Per Nyholm & Carsten Ingemann, JP/Politikens forlag
2003 'Egne egne'  poetry of Jesper Berg & Carsten Ingemann, Lindhardt & Ringhoff


2008 Visual artist , represented by the Copenhagen based Art Gallery "IN THE GALLERY" 
2008 - 2013 Photographer/visual artist at and Das Büro
2003 - 2010 Chairman of the  Cavling-Committe, the Danish equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize 
2003 Awarded the Laust Jensen Prize
2003 Awarded the Laust Jensen Prize
1993 The Danish  Picture of the year awards 1990-1991-1992
1986 - 2008 Photo reporter,  Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten
1984 -1986 Photo reporter, Titanic Features
1984 Photo reporter, Politiken
1980 - 1984 Photo reporter , Titanic Features
1978 - 1979 Photographer,  Frederiksborg Amts Avis
1974 - 1978 Photographer, freelance
1974 Photographer, Det Berlingske Hus
1970 - 1973 Photographer Strüwing Reklamefoto